We are situated in the heart of Peregian Beach Village Square. A small purpose built studio with ocean views, sea breezes, and air-conditioned in extreme heat. It was first established in 1997 by teacher Sherry Eastwood. All classes are conducted using expert knowledge with attention being given to the requirements of each individual.

The classes emphasise precision of alignment and much of the exercise work is dynamic, giving you a well toned body and increasing your stamina. At other times it is restorative leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and re-energised. You will learn how to stretch out your tight areas, tone up, care for your injuries, and improve your posture, breathing and mental clarity.


Sherry Eastwood has practiced and taught yoga over a period of 35 years and founded Peregian Beach Yoga Studio in 1996. She gained an Iyengar Yoga Teachers Certificate in 1997 and has studied at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in India.










She is a member of the International Yoga Teachers Association and continues her studies with ongoing professional development courses, workshops, teaching and personal practice.


Her insights and wisdom gained both as a dedicated yoga teacher and many years of hands on teaching experience, as well as her own yoga journey and practices, have established her as a leader in this field on the Sunshine Coast. This ensures you are in the hands of someone who is enormously experienced and truly dedicated to ensuring you get the absolute most out of your yoga.



All classes are conducted professionally with attention being given to the requirements of the individual. These classes emphasise precision of alignment by giving you a strong foundation on which to build a sound practice. Yoga is not measured by flexibility alone or by an ability to ‘do’ poses. It is about the quality of awareness and mind focus brought to its practice. Sherry is able to teach this mindfulness in the most basic of yoga poses so that even a beginner can experience the essence of yoga on a much deeper level. The posture work is dynamic, helping you tone up, increase flexibility and stamina, and at other times it is quite and restorative. You learn how to breathe as you stretch out your tight areas, how to take care for your injuries, improve your posture and gain mental clarity. It can be practiced regardless of body type, strength or flexibility.

Yoga Basics

Highly recommended for beginners

Extremely beneficial for injury and can help to alleviate and treat back pain and neck/shoulder stiffness.

Safe practice for knee and hip issues.

Post-natal recovery

For information on Pregnancy and Prenatal Yoga please CLICK HERE

New students please note that it will take several classes to learn the basics of yoga which cannot be appreciated in a single class.
Private classes available for specific therapy, restorative purposes, or individual intuition.


For 5 consecutive weekly classes
$25   CASUAL (by arrangement)
$80   PRIVATE (by arrangement)





Peregian Beach Yoga Studio

4 Kingfisher Drive

Peregian Beach 4573

Sunshine Coast

0423 430 694


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